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Sweden Liver Week in 2020

The annual multidisciplinary meeting on Clinical Hepatology

In a collaboration between Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm and Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, we are delighted to invite you to the 2nd Annual Sweden Liver Week, on February 3-5, 2020, in Gothenburg.

Sweden Liver Week is an annual, multidisciplinary, 3-day Liver Meeting with focus on clinical hepatology and with a touch of basic science. We are confident that our meeting will provide fruitful information for all physicians, researchers and health care personnel interested in liver diseases.

The program encompasses medical, surgical and diagnostic aspects of clinical hepatology, considering both adult and pediatric patients. The organizing committee comprises members from various departments: adult and pediatric hepatology, transplant and hepatobiliary surgery, anesthesiology and infectious diseases, from both Karolinska and Sahlgrenska University Hospitals. The official language is English, with invited international and national experts as speakers. A parallel program is arranged by and for nurses in Swedish.

Topics during the 2020 meeting:

  • New aspects on portal hypertension
  • Drug-induced liver disease
  • Clinical workshop: common consultations in hepatology!
  • Rare liver diseases in children and adults
  • New national guidelines for liver transplantation in Sweden
  • Minimal invasive liver surgeryEffects of fast-track (SVF) for liver cancer
  • Hepatitis E
  • Pediatric workshop
  • Basic science workshop (Liver Academy)
  • Nurse’s programme (in Swedish)

Conference Centre Wallenberg, Medicinaregatan 20 A. Find your way

Welcome to join us in Gothenburg in February 2020!

Meeting coordinators

Per Stål
Hanns-Ulrich Marschall


Henrik Gjertsen
Andreas Schult

Björn Fischler
Nils Ekvall
Magnus Holmer
Anna Cederborg
Cathrin Hällström
Christian Rylander
Christian Sturesson
Magnus Rizell
Infectious diseases
Karolin Falconer
Nikolaos Kartalis
Basic Science
Ewa Ellis
Annika Wahlström
Micaela Viss
Karin Edlund
Annette Lennerling
Catarina Skoglund
Annika Roback
Jolanta Rucinski
Kristina Bennerdt