We hope to see you in February for several days of lectures, discussions, networking and meetings at the Stockholm Liver Week 2019, February 6 – 8.

The main theme for Stockholm Liver Week is integrative, multidisciplinary hepatology which reflects the modern networking that is necessary in the growing and increasingly complex management of liver diseases.
The program intends to reflect medical, surgical and diagnostic aspects, considering both adult and pediatric patients. The organizing faculty consists of members from adult and pediatric hepatology, transplant and hepatobiliary surgery, anesthesiology and infectious diseases at Karolinska University Hospital. To this faculty will be added invited international and national experts.

Parallel to the main program on Wednesday through Friday, two half day sessions are arranged in Swedish by and for nurses.

The Liver Week will start on Wednesday until Friday.

Per Stål
Meeting Coordinator
Henrik Gjertsen
Dept of Transplantation Surgery
Björn Fischler
Dept of pediatrics
Ernesto Sparrelid
Center for Digestive Diseases
Div of Surgical
Sandra Sjölander
Dept of Nurse – Adult/Child
Ola Weiland
Dept of Infectious Diseases
Anna Januszkiewicz
Dept of Anaesthesiology &
Intensive Care
Nikolaos Kartalis
Dept of Radiology
Magnus Holmer
Center for Digestive Diseases
Div of Gastroenterology